1. As per Regulation 3(d), IRDA (Manner of Receipt of Premium) Regulations, 2002, in case, the proposer/ policy holder opts for premium payment through credit/ debit card, the payment must be made only through the credit/ debit card issued on the name of such proposer/ policyholder.
  2. As per RBI guidelines, second level of authentication is mandatory for all internet card transactions (Master/ Visa) from August, 1, 2009. Please visit your bank's website to set a secure code today.
  3. Receipt generation of premium payments received till 3:00 PM (IST), Monday - Friday would be done on the same day. If the payment is received after 3:00 PM (IST), the receipt would be generated on the next working day. For Unit linked plans, the NAV applicable will be determined by the date and time when the payment is received by HDFC Life, subject to cut-off rules followed by HDFC Life, in accordance with IRDA. The current cut– off timing for same day's NAV is 3pm IST.
  4. Advance Payments made in advance will be held in an interest- free account and will be adjusted towards the policy on the payment due date. NAV applicable for your policy would be as per the respective premium due date.
  5. Overdue Payments - You may have to undergo medical tests and underwriting procedures, kindly check your policy provisions for more details. NAV will be applicable for the day the policy is reinstated to “In Force” status. Kindly ensure to pay the complete due amount, failing which the payment will be held in a interest free account and the policy will be made In-Force only after full payment is received.
  6. It is important to note that online payment through the Payment Gateway is not from the HDFC Life server and that you are directed to a non-HDFC Life site. HDFC Life is not responsible for, shall have no liability for and disclaims all warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, related to the site, including without limitation any warranties related to performance, security, stability, or non-infringement of title of the site (including site content) or any controls downloaded from the site.
  7. The NAV shall be declared by the Company on a daily basis except on Bank holidays, Exchange holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and the days when the Corporate Office is closed.
  8. Taxes and levies will be applicable on the interest component.
  9. Please get in touch with HDFC Bank for more details on EMI breakup.

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